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Course Title: Human Nutrition
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Class Section: HLTH1322.0I1.13F Instruction Mode: Internet
Class Level: Undergraduate Activity Type: Lecture
Semester Credit Hours: 3 Class Number: 88730
Grading: Graded - Undergraduate Session Type: Regular Academic Session
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Description: HLTH 1322 - Human Nutrition (3 semester hours) This is an introduction to human nutrition. Topics will include classes, sources, and function of nutrients, digestion and absorption, and metabolism with applications to normal and therapeutic nutritional needs. (3-0) Y
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  • Online Course
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Term: 13F
Type: Regular Academic Session
Starts: August 26, 2013
Ends: December 19, 2013

August 26, 2013-December 11, 2013


College: School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Syllabus: Syllabus for Human Nutrition (HLTH1322.0I1.13F)
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