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Course Title:Animation Studio I
Class Info.:
Status:Section Status: OPEN    Available Seats: 14    Enrolled Total: 16   
ATEC 4351 - Animation Studio I (3 semester credit hours) This advanced course mimics an animation studio environment. All major areas of production are represented and work together to create a fully realized 3D animated short(s). This course utilizes various aspects of all areas of computer animation including story development, layout, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and lighting, rendering/compositing, sound design, and project planning and management. This is a two semester sequence course. Selected students must be able to register for both sessions (Fall/Spring). Registration for this course will be based on the faculty's review of the student's portfolio. May be repeated for credit (6 semester credit hours maximum). Prerequisites: (ATEC 3317 or ATEC 3327 or ATEC 3328 or ATEC 3336) and instructor consent required. (0-3) Y
Class Notes:• Instructor consent required.
Core Curriculumnone
Eric Farrar      email:

Class Location and Times

Location: UT Dallas - Main Campus

Tuesday:  10:00am-12:45pm   ATC 3.910

Term: Fall 2014
Session Type: Regular Academic Session (1)
Starts: August 25, 2014
Ends: December 10, 2014

ATC Building - Floor 3 - Room 3.910
College:School of Arts and Humanities
Syllabus:A Syllabus for Animation Studio I (atec4351.001.14f) taught by Eric Farrar hasn't been posted.
Class Evaluation:A class evaluation for Animation Studio I (atec4351.001.14f) taught by Eric Farrar hasn't been posted.
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