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Course Title:Moot Court - Collegium V Honors
Class Info.:
Status:Section Status: OPEN    Available Seats: 3    Enrolled Total: 5   
PSCI 4V67 - Moot Court (1-6 semester credit hours) Course examines a hypothetical case which contains two constitutional issues. Based on approximately 20 actual precedents, students are expected to prepare arguments supporting both the petitioner and respondents on each constitutional issue. Students compete in tournaments against advocates from other universities. May be repeated for credit (6 semester credit hours maximum). Instructor consent required. (3-0) S
Class Notes:• Honors Section for Collegium V students Email Valerie Brunell:
Core Curriculumnone
Anahita Dutia      email:

Class Location and Times

Location: UT Dallas - Main Campus

Monday:  4:00pm-5:50pm   FO 2.608

Term: Fall 2014
Session Type: Regular Academic Session (1)
Starts: August 25, 2014
Ends: December 10, 2014

FO Building - Floor 2 - Room 2.608
College:School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences
Syllabus:A Syllabus for Moot Court (psci4v67.hn1.14f) taught by Anahita Dutia hasn't been posted.
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