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Course Title: The American Public School
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Class Section: ED3314.581.04U Instruction Mode: Face-to-Face
Class Level: Undergraduate Activity Type: Lecture
Semester Credit Hours: 3 Class Number: 10563
Grading: Graded - Undergraduate Session Type: Eight Week - Session One
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Description: ED 3314 - The American Public School (3 semester hours) A study of the nature, scope, and purposes of the public school, with emphasis on meeting the needs of the multicultural society of Texas. Successful completion of 20 clock hours of field experience is required and a prerequisite for a grade in this course. Completion of 45 hours of course work and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 is a prerequisite for this course. (3-0) S
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Class Location and Times

Term: 04U
Type: Eight Week - Session One
Starts: May 28, 2004
Ends: July 26, 2004

May 28, 2004-July 26, 2004

JSOM 2.904

JSOM Building
Floor 2 - Room 2.904
College: School of Interdisciplinary Studies
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